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Syllabics Sounds and Writing Videos 

This series of videos takes viewers through the Ojicree and Ojibwe Syllabics Alphabet. As well as how to pronounce the sounds of each character viewers are shown how to write each character. 

There are 12 videos in the series: 

  1. Aye-EE-O-Ah

  2. Cha-Chee-Cho-Chah

  3. Kay-Kee-Ko-Kah

  4. May-mee-Mo-Mah

  5. Nay-Nee-No-Nah

  6. Pay-Pee-Po-Pah

  7. Say-See-So-Sah

  8. Shay-Shee-Sho-Shah

  9. Tay-Tee-To-Tah

  10. Wee-Way-Wo-Wah-Ojibwe

  11. Wee-Way-Wo-Wah-OjiCree

  12. Yay-Yee-Yo-Yah

Created by KERC's Language & Culture department and specialists. For more information, comments or questions regarding this or any other resource on the KERC@Home site contact

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