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Math Exercises

We know there are a lot of great links and resources available right now. KERC coaches have been working diligently to share with you high-quality educational resources to support your teaching. Our staff is ready and eager to assist you in setting up any of the chosen numeracy resources we have provided.  We believe these resources will help students stay engaged in the learning process.  

At KERC we strive to keep up with the most up to date movements in online learning. We have come up with a list of teacher/student friendly literacy resources that are not only engaging and interesting, but cover many literacy outcomes.  Some of these programs may be new to our teachers, but we can guarantee that they will be helpful in your planning and setting up students for work packages. We are here to support your journey into providing literacy to your students at home. 

As many schools strive to keep the learning of Native Language vibrant and at the core of its school, we want to ensure this learning does not stop at this time.  We will be providing teachers with lesson ideas, resources, and live lessons to promote learning the language at home with their parents.  

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